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MUTTON BONELESS5 - 500g (ஆடு கறி வெட்டு)

Mutton Boneless – Nellore RAM meat, or mutton as it is also known, is the most commonly consumed red meat in the world. Apart from its unique taste, mutton also has a range of health benefits to offer. The amount of saturated fat in meat is less than the total amount of unsaturated fats it contains, which improves blood cholesterol levels, eases inflammation and stabilizes heart rhythms.Sheep/Goat meat reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Sheep/Goat meat contains Vitamin B, which helps you burn fat. Considering that Sheep/goat meat contains high amounts of lean proteins and low amounts of saturated fat, it helps control weight and reduces the risk of obesity. Mutton contains selenium and choline, which are beneficial in warding off cancer. Due to its high content of Vitamin B12, Sheep/goat meat helps you get healthy skin. Sheep/Goat meat is rich in calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth. The meat of a Sheep/goat enhances the production of new cells, thereby delaying ageing.

Note: We will sold only sheep (Potellu in Telugu)

Fresh Farm & Organic Meat. No antibiotic/ preservatives and not Frozen!!

MUTTON BONELESS5 - 500g (ஆடு கறி வெட்டு)

$400.00 Regular Price
$380.00Sale Price
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